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The Most Popular Motorcycle Insurance Companies 

Choosing a motorcycle insurance company is about comparing prices, reviews, and customer satisfaction and then choosing the best one. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle insurance companies serve every state, so you might also have to choose an option based on location. Some companies serve specific types of motorcycles, but most popular motorcycle insurance companies serve all models. The following list should help you locate a motorcycle insurance company for your bike.

Country Insurance – While the name might suggest otherwise, Country Insurance serves 14 states and many highly populated areas. Country offers great rates for motorcycle insurance, have great customer service and a high value per services. Country also insures glass and auto insurance so you can insure all of your vehicles and parts of your home.

Erie Insurance – One of the lesser known motorcycle insurance companies on this list, Erie are nevertheless quite popular as insurance suppliers. They provide motorcycle, homeowners, life, and auto insurance as well so anyone who likes their policy can look into other types of insurance from the same company.

Progressive – Another big name in auto insurance, progressive also offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance. The insurance company is one of the best and most popular and usually receives a 4 to 5 star rating for value and customer service. While not quite as good as some of the options on this list, Progressive is a great option for anyone in areas where the best motorcycle insurance companies either cannot serve, or who do not like the other companies.

Geico – While probably most famous for their commercials, Geico is also very good at motorcycle insurance. The company has the second highest rated insurance policies in the United States and the company covers both motorcycles and scooters. You can get a quote directly from their website, and as they advertise, save a lot of time and possibly money as well. 

State Farm - State Farm currently has the highest rated motorcycle insurance program in the country which definitely makes it one of the most popular insurance companies. State Farm covers every type of motorcycle so you can apply whether you have a dirtbike or a Harley Davidson. Importantly rates do differ based on age, driving record, and type of motorcycle so anyone looking for multiple policies might want to check the rates against multiple options.

An important consideration is that many motorcycle dealers will offer insurance on their motorcycles as well. Check with the dealer, or the maker of the motorcycle to see if you can pay for an extended warranty or other type of plan, or consider asking your dealer which motorcycle insurance plan is best for your bike. Most of the time insurance companies will charge different rates depending on your driving record, your age, your location, and of course, your accident risk rate. Shopping around and comparing multiple insurance companies is important for getting a great deal, but you should ensure that you check based on location, and who will actually be riding the bike.